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October 8th, 2012 Uncategorized

Recently there is a surge in automobile sales. It appears that people have been holding back on big ticket spending waiting to see some green shoots in the economy. Now those floodgates are open and people are buying cars to replace their old ones or for the new drivers in the family. This surge is good for manufacturers and it is good to see that people are feeling fine about the prospects. The low interest rates may be helping as well with cheaper auto loan costs.

Many people make the mistake of focusing heavily on buying a vehicle and don’t think about insuring it until they are about the take their new auto home. This provides a great opportunity for dealers to suggest brokers, insurers or sell policies themselves through their insurance department. A few dealers are well equipped to have an in house insurance broker to service the new auto buyers through their network of showrooms.

happy teenager with new carYou may initially think that what a lovely people who help you arrange coverage as well as selling the vehicle. You may need to hold on to that thought a little longer. Some of them may really be nice and negotiate special packages from insurers for their customers at affordable premiums. It is fair to say that these nice people are in the minority and you need to be aware of it.

However, a few of them loves to take advantage of captive market and your desire to buy a policy quickly so that you can drive home. This may result in higher costs for you as you haven’t taken your time to research your alternatives and found the best auto insurance quote you can get.

The best thing would have been is to get a few quotations beforehand for the type of car you are considering buying. You don’t have to own the car at the moment to be able to get a quote for it. Quote sites are widely available on the internet and you can get several of them in less than half an hour.

If you arrived to the dealer without this research and you bought a car you still have several options. One is as described above to buy coverage through the dealer or a company they recommend without checking other prices. This is not recommended at all. The second option is to drive home or ask the dealer to deliver it to your home with their own insurance coverage. Some dealers are actually nice enough to arrange coverage for few days for you until you sort your own policy.

The last option is to leave the vehicle at the dealer as it would be covered there until it leaves the premises. If not, you agree but not finalize the purchase until you arrange insurance cover. Then, you start searching for agreeably priced policies either at home or at the dealer. Most websites are now mobile friendly that allows you to check them on your internet connected hand held devices. They have a call now button instead of get quotes that is handy.

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