Criminal Convictions and Car Insurance Premiums

July 14th, 2012 Uncategorized

You have had criminal records and you served your time. Now you are out and want to get back to normal. You want a car and you may need it to get to work anyway. The next step is to consider insurance coverage. You are likely to face problems with some companies who want to know about your criminal history and take it into account while calculating premiums. They can  normally ask questions about your past convictions and use it against you.

If your conviction was driving related you have got to tell them about it. Keeping it to yourself would be material misrepresentation and will make your policy null as soon as the insurer finds out about it. It doesn’t matter that you have just submitted a claim. they can get out of it if they find out that you have been lying.

auto insurance after jailThis point is very important when you have other criminal convictions. You don’t want to tell lies but you don’t want to fully disclose as well. The trick may be that you find a company who is not asking about your convictions other than the driving related ones. It is up to the company to ask you the right questions and it is your job to provide as accurate as possible details to those questions.

However, you may be penalized for time inside regardless of insurers knowing about it or not. When you are out after certain time served you would have an insurance history at all. So, you would be considered as a new driver or even worse as the one who let his policy lapse. Therefore, you may start from the higher end of premium costs and work your way down as you stay away from accidents, claims and traffic tickets. It may take a while but you will get there. Usually you should see your first discount after the first term without any troubles.

You have got to be extra careful with driving especially when you are on probation. In some states you may get criminal charges as a result of traffic accidents. Furthermore, some states sees driving without insurance as criminal offence while other may consider it as a traffic offence. The implications of them can a whole lot different on your probation conditions.

Regardless of how it is seen you will have to tell your insurer about DUI and other driving related convictions. They are naturally considered material facts in premium calculations and issuing of a vehicle insurance policy. You insurer will be able to find out about it in any case and it will make matters worse. If you manage to get a policy that is based on lies you may be wasting money. As soon as you are found out you will lose your coverage and you may not get a refund.

It may be tough to find affordable policies after you leave prison and you may feel that you have served your time. We are not going to pick an argument with you on that but this is how it is. You may be served well if you contact an experienced broker to help you find an agreeably priced coverage.


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